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The reason Smoking Host Strippers is the Bay areas favorite entertainment agency, every party dancer invited to entertain leaves a lasting impression, and every call is a friendly agent ready to answer your questions and assist you. Our company takes pride in being the longest standing agency since early 2000’s to today’s date. We continually remain consistent in providing the very best party dancers for your special occasions.


It’s Party time! We are so happy that we can serve you with this Traditionally fun choice to book a male or female party entertainer. We keep with tradition by booking strippers for the all time, most famous popular party occasions.


Although the Bachelor and Bachelorette party are the most popular party occasion, our talent is available for all party occasions Birthdays, Bridal Shower, Pleasure Party, Promotions, Going away, Coming home, Anniversary, Fantasy Pick Parties, Sports, Frat Parties, Sorority Parties, Surprise Party, Get Well, Holiday Parties, Office Parties, Graduation, Rush Week, Girls night out, Guys night out parties or any reason to have a party and more!

We specializing in all party occasions, party events, events and hostessing.

We encourage our customers to book your party as soon as all your party planners and guests have agreed to include the fun and exciting experience of adding a male or female adult party entertainer to the fun night your planning that is coming up!


We here at Smoking Host Strippers want to make all our customers feel comfortable booking adult party entertainment as sometimes it is a new experience and some of our customers may have never booked this type of entertainment before. This may be the very first time booking an event like this and you may not know how the process works. We are here to take the tension away and make it easy and do our best to inform our new customers to go over all details for the very first time hosting a male or female party dancer. We are here for all our wonderful returning customers wanting to book a future event, our agents will update our returning customers on any new information or information on booking changes.



Here is a list of some information you may want to gather before calling to set up your booking, but it is not necessary. Feel free to call anytime and ask questions. When you are ready to book your entertainment with us, we will book with the information you do have. If don’t have all the party details, its okay. You may call back to add any additional information as you receive it as we get closer to your party date.

Lets Get The Party Started!

  • ALL GUESTS AGREEING TO HAVING A PARTY DANCER: Make sure all guest coming have agreed to having a party dancer.
  • HAVING YOUR PARTY AT A HOUSE/RESIDENCE AND BOOKING NOW AND WHY?: Make sure you have the party location locked down and you gather the full address and any special information we need to know for example: If it is an apartment, (name of apartment complex) housing community, Mobile home park or house with gated communities. Let us know of any details on your party location like if its in an alley or off the side of the road or hidden from plain view etc. We ask for gate codes or buzzer door codes when setting up your booking if needed to get into your party location. Let us know the details if your holding your party at a place of Business, Hotels, Motels, Halls, Restaurants, Bars, Conference centers, rooms. Etc. This accurate information is the most important as this assists our entertainers when using GPS to find your party location on the day of your event.
  • HAVING YOUR PARTY AT HOTEL/MOTEL AND BOOKING NOW AND WHY? If your doing your party in a hotel/motel, and you have already picked the hotel/motel, and have already made your reservation, or not it’s okay. We suggest you book a suite or adjoining rooms when having your party in a hotel/motel party setting as the room size and sound quality usually make it the most practical for this location choice and event type. We ask that you do not delay booking your dancer because of this temporary hold up in you party planning. WHY? We encourage you to call and set your show up as soon as possible. Because people booking ahead have a better chance when choosing the dancers and show time of dancers arrival, and dancer selection availability. Our agency understands and is fully aware when holding your party at a hotel/motel that you will not receive your room number until check-in time that day. Most hotel/motel check-in times are between 3-5pm. Let us know if your check-in time is different.
  • WE KNOW ALL CUSTOMERS BOOKING A HOTEL/MOTEL WILL CONTACT US THE DAY OF SHOW WITH ROOM NUMEBER: Customers will receive the hotel/motel room number on the day of show. Once you have your room number and any other details such as any additional information if needed. For example: Sometimes the entertainer will need a key to get up to the floor to get to the room. Or making arrangement to meet the entertainers(s) in the lobby, contact our agency to give them the ROOM# number and any additional information required.
  • BOOK AHEAD POPULAR TIME FRAMES 8PM & 9PM WHY? Our customers may choose any party time that they want there entertainment to show up in our 24 Hour time clock. The most popular time frames are 8:00pm and 9:00pm for Friday and Saturday night bookings. We ask our customers to book early if they want these time frames. As the later you wait to book your show closer to your show date the harder it may be for us to book your party at these desired time frames 8pm and 9pm but not impossible.
  • MALE DANCER -PICKING YOUR MALE DANCER: Make sure you have selected your dancer choices. Select your favorite first choice, and select an addition 1-3 more alternate choices.
  • MALE DANCER SHOWS AND TIME SEGMENT WE OFFER: If you need information on the shows. Just click on “How to book a male dancer’ link on this website, there you will find information. If you need assistance. No worries we will go over all the shows and assist you to select the best one for your particular event.
  • FEMALE DANCERS- PICKING YOUR FEMALE DANCERS: Make sure you have selected your dancers choices. Select your favorite first choice and select an additional 1-3 or more alternates if your booking one female dancer. If your booking two or more female dancers we ask that you choose 4-6 choices.
  • FEMALE DANCER SHOWS AND TIME SEGMENT WE OFFER: If you need information on the shows we offer Just click on “How to book a female dancer’ link on this website, there you will find information. If you need assistance. No worries we will go over all the shows and assist you to select the best one for your particular event.



PRE -BOOKING YOUR SHOW AHEAD AND WHY?: We encourage our customers to book your show as soon as you have agreed to adding the wonderful addition of having a male or female entertainer to your night of fun. The reason why we encourage our customers to book far ahead is to ensure the best possible time frame for your party dancer to arrive. Booking your show early, may assist the dancers choices we present on our website or not, making available for your city, and time and date of your party.

WAITING TO BOOK YOUR SHOW LAST MINUTE THE WEEK OF YOUR PARTY: When you call and book your party dancer the week of your party, it’s not too late to set up male or female entertainment . When booking last minute, we usually can book the party time you request for your dancers arrival. Sometimes, when you wait the week of. We may ask you to work with us on the time. As many customers may have booked their show weeks ahead and sometime the time frames for example: 8pm and 9 pm book up fast!

SAMEDAY, LAST MINUTE, MINUTES BEFORE PARTY BOOKINGS: Our agency assist many customers each week to fulfill a booking that was forgotten. We hear each week. Oh No!I gotta book a dancer” or “Someone forgot to book the dancers” No worries. When booking the very last minute we will try to accommodate all your needs for the city, time and dancers. However, sometimes we ask for some compromise on the time or arrival, and dancer availability as many of our customers have booked weeks ahead. We will still do our best to provide you with satisfactory or above service last minute.

MOST POPULAR TIME FRAMES FOR DANCERS TO BOOK: Our customers may choose any party time in our 24 Hour time clock they want there entertainment to show up. The most popular time frames are 8:00pm and 9:00pm for Friday and Saturday night bookings.
We ask our customers to book early if they want these time frames. As the later you wait to book your show closer to your show date the harder it may be for us to book your party at these desired time frames 8pm and 9pm but not impossible.

PERFORMERS ARRIVAL TIME FRAME WINDOW: On the day of your show the dancer that is contracted
to perform at your show is subject to arrive in the 30 minute time frame window you selected when you booked your show with us. For example: If you picked a time frame of arrival 8-8:30pm (your 30 minute window) then your contracted performer is to try and arrive within the approximate 30 minute time frame window.

PERFORMERS WILL ARRIVE AT PARTY LOCATION: On the day of your show. The contracted performers will use GPS navigation device to find your party location. Because of this feature; your performer will just arrive at your party location. Because of this time saver, you will not have to be waiting for a call from the performer.

TIME SET: At the time of booking your show with us. You requested a set time for your show. Our agency is going to build a booking around a contracted dancer and/or dancers around your party time. The agency requests that you do your best to keep it.
If you have to call last minute to adjust your time, our agency will do our best to accommodate the time change the best we can. There is no guarantee that we can.

PARTY LOCATION CHANGE LAST MINUTE: If something happens last minute and you have to change or move party location, we will work with you the best we can to keep your booking the same as much as possible. If the party location is moved to a different city and you have to change the time. This may change the entertainment that was contracted on your show and sometime the price of the original quoted booking price.

PARKING PROBLEM IN CITIES OR VENUE LOCATIONS: If your show is in the city or area where there may be parking problems. We ask that you make arrangements to save a parking space close to the party location. The reason is, is that the dancers have props and equipment to carry. All house parties we ask to hold parking close to party house location. Hotel or Restaurant parties are usually not a problem. Each location is on a case by case basis in whatever city you are having your party or event. In some instances and situations we may request the person who booked the show to pay for the entertainers parking.

HOTEL PARTIES: Our agency understands and is fully aware when holding your party at a hotel/motel that you will not receive your room number until check-in time that day. Most hotel/motel check-in times are between 3-5pm. Let us know if your check-in time is different. Call our agency once you have your room number and any other details such as any additional information if needed. For example: Sometimes the entertainer will need a key to get up to the floor to get to the room. Or making arrangement to meet the entertainers(s) in the lobby. Contact us as soon as you get the ROOM#

Our agency requires all independent contractors/dancers,to be paid in the form of cash on arrival, at party location before starting all dance performances. Independent contractor will collect the cash $PRICE$ quoted and agreed at the time of booking with our agency.

ALL CUSTOMERS ARE TO PLACE A CREDIT CARD KEPT ON FILE AND WHY? Our office requests a valid credit card number when you set up your show with us. THIS IS FOR CANCLED SHOWS ONLY. DANCERS COLLECT ALL CASH ON ARRIVAL OF SHOW DATE. This information is kept on file with your booking information. The main reason for this is we can charge your card on any show that is canceled at anytime. A charge on all shows that are booked weeks ahead, last-minute or same day. Your card will automatically be charged $50.00 dollars. If you booked multiple performers. A cancellation fee of $50.00 dollars per dancer will be applied for canceling. All cancellations prior to show are to be cleared with a manager. We do not accept email or voicemail cancellations.

ENTERTAINERS COLLECT ALL AGENCY AND ENTERTINAMENT FEES BEFORE STARTING SHOW: All entertainers will collect the entire fee that was quoted to the customer at the time of booking in the form of cash. The total fee includes: the independent contractor/entertainer portion and the agencies portion together combined is the total price to the show. All collections are to be made prior to starting all show performances. cash only, unless other arrangements were made with the agency. No checks accepted. Thank you.

NO NEGOTIATION ON THE SET PRICE FOR YOUR SHOW DANCERS COLLECT FEE QUOTED: When your party was set up with the agency a price is quoted for your show time segment. The dancer arriving has the same information as you do. The price that was quoted and agreed upon on the day you booked your show is the set price for your entertainment. If you have any concerns on the night of your party or some adjustments are too made. Contact us immediately. All negotiations are to be cleared with the agency when changing or adding to show time of show, or requesting a shorter time for dancer to dance. Any discounts for show should be cleared with the agency if the independent contractor/ dancer and customer cannot agree in the event this happens. The dancers/ independent contractor in not allowed to collect more than the original agreed price at the time of booking. The dancers may perform their show and rally guests for tips and fees for their own independent show performance such as party dances and game time or other features in display and expression of exotic dance performances. If you have any concerns on the night of your party or some adjustments are too be made. Contact us immediately.

CUSTOMERS TO PAY ENTERTAINERS THE AGREED PRICE OF SHOW: When the show was set up with the agency the price is set for your entertainment. Customers are to comply in this agreeance. At no time should the entertainer be asked to: take lower than the price, be talk down the price or choose to pay less than what was set with the agency. When the entertainer arrives male and female entertainers are to be paid the price quote for show type time frame agreed. If there is any conflict, the entertainer will contact us and customer is urged to contact the agency to quickly resolve the matter. This is on notice for all per-booked, same day and last-minute shows.

TAKING A COLLECTION FOR YOUR PARTY FROM GUESTS BEFORE THE DANCER ARRIVES: If you are taking a collection of donations from your guests to assist in the payment for your entertainment for your party, we ask that the collection be made long before the dancer arrives. Your dancer will not have time to wait for you to collect the fee as it runs into your party time. Your dancer will need to collect the full amount in the form of cash before starting their show performance.


Having an exotic dancer for the first time can be fun. To make the most of your entertainment, make sure to inform all your guests that tipping the performer is a tradition when booking an exotic party dancer. You may suggest to your guests to bring tipping money so they may participate. To participate monies of $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 dollars! This way each guest may choose to participate with the dancer. Let your guests know weeks before the party this way they are prepared. This assists to make it budget friendly for all your guests:

MALE DANCER PICTURE FEE: If you have chosen to take pictures of your performer during his show performance, then a picture fee will be collected in the amount of $25.00 dollars ( each male dancer will be entitled a picture fee of $25.00 if you booked multiple male dancers.) In addition to the show fee before the performer(s) begins his show. NOTE: If you and your party guests have declined to take pictures of the performer. Please make sure all cell phones, cameras or any image devices are all shut off. Thank you.

FEMALE DANCER PICTURE FEE: Female dancers DONT NOT ALLOW ANY IMAGES TO BE TAKEN OF THEM AT ALL. The only exception is a 1 to 2 song stripping telegram. If you have booked this show with one of our female dancers you will need to clear that with her on her arrival. It is then a $25.00 dollar image fee or more may be collected. Thank you

ACCOMMODATING THE GUESTS& PERFORMERS FOR PERFORMANCE AREA: Before the dancer arrives. You may want to move any coffee tables and/or tables or furniture out of the center of the room in which the dancer will be performing. Most dancers perform in a living room or family room or a garage in house party setting. You may Move your furniture around accordingly. Leaving the middle of the room space open (where the dancer will be doing your show) open for that dancer to dance. Arranging your furniture in the formation of your furniture layout and keeping it comfortable for your guests. The dancer will need a strong 4 legged chair in the middle of the room, where your guest of honor (the person the party is for) is to sit. The chair will need to be a chair with preferably, with no arms, no, wheels. No stools or flimsy lawn furniture no autumns or recliners.. The dancer will need a room to change in and/or to freshen up. A room is most preferred over the restroom

ACCOMMADATING GUESTS & PERFORMERS IN A HOTEL OR OTHER VENUES: Having your party in a location other than a home. Make sure you have proper seating for your guests and availability for the dancer to have space and access to electrical outlets. And a place for the dancer to change. You may have to ask management for assistance if the room to change in is farther than the party location. Hotel/Motel settings. We suggest a suite or adjoining rooms.

AIR CONDITIONERS ON PLEASE: If your show is booked on a day and/or night and it is really hot. We ask that you have the air conditioner on. This is to keep your party location cool. We ask this because the dancers who are entertaining become very hot very fast. Keeping the environment cool makes it a pleasant environment for everyone.

PETS AND STRIPPERS DON’T MIX: We love our pets as much as you do. We ask that you keep all your party guests and animals safe in an unpredictable environment. Make sure all pets are in a safe area away from your party activity. The performer is a moving object and so are your party guests. We don’t want any harm to come to lose pets, performers, or guests.

MUSIC MOBILE DEVICES ENTERTIANERS ARE TO PROVIDE: All entertainers are required to bring their own music mobile devices, mp players, I Pods, cell phones or other to all shows. If you have music equipment and/or a DJ at your event, you may offer the dancers to use or music equipment. If D.J services are offered to your dancer. Please make sure the D.J you hired has an auxiliary cord or a universal cord for all music devices of today’s technology.

Planning a party is a lot of work. All though it is fun, and you want your party to be fun, and have it last. You also want to save money and time. Having your party at a private residence is the most successful and most cost effective way to plan your party at the best location.

If you choose to plan your party at a public location any of the ones listed above. We ask that the party planner receives verbal permission from the owners and/or managers. Before booking an exotic dancer. We have had a lot of success parties booked in public locations as long as we follow the guidelines. The reason why we ask you, the party planner to ask ahead of time, is because it’s the law: Any entertainment to be performed in an open bar and/or restaurant (that means open to the public) can only be executed if the bar owner or manager are going to close the open bar and/or restaurant to the public during the performance of the exotic dancer. You may have your exotic dancer perform in an open bar and/or restaurant as long there is a closed private room already in the public location, like a dinner room, or a party room. The room must be able to remain private. Like closed doors. Away from any and all public viewing. Hotel and Motel booking : We have had really great success with hotel/motel parties. Meaning that the show goes well without the hotel/motel coming to your room and warning you. They mostly all go through without any problems. As a word of caution. Sometimes the hotel/motel will throw the party out So it is up to your discretion when planning your party in a hotel/motel. There are no refunds on hotel/motel parties if you are required to stop the show due to hotel/motel management. Most of the time all goes through.


Our talent is open to many locations to perform exotic party entertainment. However, the location must be able to be practical for them to perform the show at top level, and provide safety for dancer and guests.


1. Make Sure the party bus or limo bus company will allow you to have live entertainment on there craft.

2. Make sure the bus or limo bus is large enough for all the guests and dancer size area.

3. Make sure the party bus or limo has privacy such as tinted windows to shield from public viewing and a electricity source

4. All craft is required to accommodate in the width and height and size area for the dancers to perform otherwise we cannot provide dancers.


BACK YARD PARTIES: We book with caution: We encourage most events be inside as our dancers are professional entertainers. We book some but not all but not all backyards. To book a party in the backyard, there needs to be a large clean paved area and or covered well-lit, clean and practical for a dancer environment. During the summer month’s at night is preferred for a cooler temperature.

BOAT PARTIES: We book a lot of boat shows especially in the summer months:

BOATS THAT ARE ON A OCEAN DOCKED PIER OR PORT: The boat will need to docked at a pier or a port If booked on the ocean or a city with a pier or port on a body of water. The boat or Yacht is to remain docked the entire time of the show. Customers will meet the dancers at pier or port entrance. This keeps it fun, safe and secures environment for guests and dancers.

BOATS ON LAKES AND RESORT MARINAS: Gatherings at camp resorts on lakes we ask that the boat be parked just out side the 5 mile an hour zone in the closest cove closest to the marina. Keeping the dancers closest to the Marina they were picked up when they arrived. Entertainment for this type of setting assists in safety and security of our guests and dancers.

CAMPGROUND PARTIES: When booking entertainment for a campground area:

1. The camper has to sound proof and large enough to accommodate the entertainer and guests.

2. There must be a certain amount of privacy between your camp area and your camp neighbors.

3. Must have electrical source and full electricity.

Not in a tent or out in the open wide The dancers wont dance out in the open in the dirt where everyone can see them.


1-800 NUMBERS BOOKING LOCAL AND STAYING WITH LOCAL BUSINESS: Our company appears local to our customers in all local areas. We also have competition with 1-800 NUMBERS. Many whom are advertising in cities in this state and other states. Check for yourself . Search on the internet using search words of different cities you will see the same website advertising with the same images. There is no way a the same dancer from Los Angeles is going to be available for a party in San Francisco at 9pm. As a customer ask yourself: whom you would you rather do business with?

COVERING SHOWS OTHER COMPANIES DONT SHOW UP: This happens every weekend. Our agents having to cover shows from customers booking with other agencies. It becomes a nightmare for the last minute customer booking with another agency not having there dancers show up. We will do your best to accommodate. But we ask all customers calling our agency to cover a bad agencies incompetence, that you cancel your booking completely with them. As once we book your show with us we do require a credit card to keep on file and we will charged a cancellation fee if moving forward with our agency if the original agency you booked with dancer ends up showing up after all. Our agency will Charge you a cancellation fee.

INDEPENDENT DANCERS, A FRIEND REFEREED ME TO A DANCER, GOT ONE FROM A CLUB AND NEVER SHOWED UP: We get this call all to frequently. Customers frantic no dancer showing. Usually, they new someone who new a friend who is a dancer, booked Independent dancers, or found some out of a club. Unfortunately, these gypsy entertainers really have no obligation to show up at your show. This is a gamble customers take. Most of the time it is bad for the customer. Our Agencies is strong and consistent because our independent contractors/subcontractors are under a contract. This keeps the “ My dancers show up rate high” and the “Oh no my dancer didn’t show up “ rate low. We ask customers to support and back our agency, entertainment companies, as agencies may be a little more in $ PRICE$ but the core of an agency is consistent in providing entertainment to its customers. As some want to look for the cheapest price, is not always the best deal. As no one wants to be sitting with a house full of guests and have no dancers show up.


It is California State Law that everyone who attends any event involving adult entertainment, Exotic Dancers, Strippers must be over the age of 18 and/or older. No exceptions. We ask that the party planners assist us to enforce this. If the performer from our agency feels that any individual and or guest looks to young (younger than 18) Then the performer from our agency has the right to ask the individual and or guest to present proper valid I.D. If the individual or individuals or guests, cannot present proper I.D. then they will be asked to leave by the performer. As a result of this action, it will have to be enforced by the party planner. If the individual and or guest(s) party planner does not comply, then the performer will leave with out any refunds or monies collected returned. Our Agency values our craft as providing fine exotic dancers and entertainment, but we remind the public that this is for Adults only. So let’s keep it for Adults only. Thank you!
PARTY CONDUCT FOR HOST/ HOSTESSES,HOME OWNER/ OWNER OF PARTY LOCATION &PARTY CONDUCT OF GUESTS & ATTENDEES: The performers/ independent contractors are invited guests to come and perform exotic entertainment services. We ask that the person who set up the party, or the owner of the party location, (if they are different people) We ask that the host of the party is responsible for the conduct of themselves and their guests. At anytime that the contracted performers/ independent contractors feel threatened or harassed; they may leave the party location at anytime. We ask that the party environment is to be kept safe and under control for the entire duration of your event. Duration of event include performer/independent contractor arriving on the property location of event, the performer/ independent contractor physically performing on and or in event location, and performers/independent departure of leaving the primary location of event .We ask that the host of the party is responsible for the conduct of themselves and their guests. At anytime that the contracted performers/ independent contractors feel threatened or harassed; they may leave the party location at anytime. Any and all fees or monies collected will not be returned. The party hostess and or homeowner may be legally liable for damages, damages to personal property and or injuries in the result of a violent act inflicted on or too the performer/ independent contractor. Legal action may be taken by the performer/ independent contractor in the event this occurs. It will be up the performer/ independent contractor at his or her own discretion to pursue legally in the event a crime has happened.

DANCERS ARE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS NOT EMPLOYEES: We would like our customers to understand that our presented male and female entertainers displayed on our website or not displayed are all independent contractors. Our agency and our independent contractors DO NOT hold and employer, employee relationship. We are only an AGENT/BROKER we are not their employer and dancers are not employees.

PRIVACY FOR ALL CUSTOMERS INFORMATION WHEN BOOKING WITH US: The person who booked the show with us is the only person who is allowed to contact us and make any changes to your booking unless other alternate contacts were added to your booking. The “Contact” is the person who set up show and is the only person who can call to cancel show booking unless at the time of booking other alternate contacts was added to booking and given permission to do so. No one else is allowed to call on your behalf and ask about your booking or change it or even know your show information details. So we please ask to refrain from having friends, husbands, boyfriends, family or co-workers call and ask about your party information. As it puts us in a bad position to tell them NO information and has created conflict in the past with many customers. We do this for the safety and security of your private information and when it comes down to it, it is really no ones business the entertainment you have contracted with us. Thank you for understanding of our position.
THEFT AT PARTIES: We ask that all party planners take precaution and responsibility for all guests personal belongings and location property and belongings, for example: locking all purses and coats in a room or any other household valuables removing and keeping secure for your party environment. This assists to secure personal items and avoids “Finger pointing “when and if this happens at your party or event. We enjoy having a party and gathering with our friends and having a good time. When invited friends come and friends of their friends come and attend a party or gathering sometimes we don’t always know who the people are attending and their intentions.

NO ONE ON ONES/ NO COUPLE SHOWS OR PRIVATE SHOWS: Our agencies sole service is to provide male and female dancers for group settings for parties, gatherings, club shows and events. Our agency books entertainment for customers who have 4-6 or more guests in attendance. Our agency and our independent contractors both male and female independent contractors do not book or perform one-on-one shows for only one person in attendance or private parties or couples or parties with two attendees. Our agency nor does our independent contractors both male and female entertainers participate or engage in any elicit illegal behavior.

We want all our customers to have a safe and fun joyous party!

To Competition: ALL the content on this web site has been copy written and belongs solely to this company and any others associated with it. This includes all images, text written text, graphic designs, and logos. All visible, public information in all forms on all areas of this website is the information written by company CEO and staff of this agency, All information relating to this agencies policy and procedures is relevant ONLY to this companies operations and any others associated with it. All other operating entertainment companies of the like nature, not associated with this agency are by legal law set forth to follow all copy write and are required to operate in compliance with the copy write laws and are to construct current and original text, images, logos, and graphics of information that pertains ONLY TO YOUR agency and policies procedures and operations. Thank you

All Entertainers that appear on this site are all over the Age of 18

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